Reasons Why Men Buy a Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks continue to be one of the most popular vehicles on the roads, particularly among male drivers, but why is that?
Here are a few of the top reasons why men just can’t resist a pickup truck like the RAM 4500 or similar.


• They are so darned nice on the inside. Back in the “good old days” pickup truck interiors were all vinyl bench seats, hand cranked windows and just maybe if you were really lucky a radio which you couldn’t actually hear because of the deafening sound of the truck trundling along the road. These days it’s a very different story – check out some of the interiors at The exteriors are pretty awesome too. Truck drivers can now drive along in the lap of air conditioned luxury with up to five passengers transported in comfort.


They are soft on the inside but incredibly tough on the outside. Pickup trucks are still your best bet if you have to tackle the most difficult terrains. Even if you don’t live on a ranch and haul cattle on a daily basis they are still perfect for off-roading weekend adventures. You can drive to your favorite camp site, no matter how remote – or ski resort through the snow drifts and have plenty of room for your equipment in the back.
• They are great for towing; whatever you want to tow you’ll get the job done with a pickup truck. Men never really do outgrow their love for “”boys toys”” so whether you want to tow a speed boat, a race car or a dune buggy you need a pickup truck. How else are you going to transport your toys along the public roads? You certainly can’t drive them to wherever you want to go for fun.
• You can throw whatever you like in the back without being restricted by cabin height . . . and it doesn’t really matter how dirty it is either. Pickup trucks are great for families allowing you to throw your kids bicycles in the back or big kids’ dirt bikes for a desert adventure. They are also great for camping gear, skiing gear and lots of different types of sports gear. Dirt is no problem at all . . . you can simply hose down the back which is more than can be said for an enclosed SUV.
• They are real attention grabbers – probably more than any other type of vehicle. Some men buy vehicles with the hopes that they will get looked at by the girls and other men just want to make everybody stare – trucks can certainly fit both criteria. It doesn’t really matter whether you live in the country or the heart of the city, an oversized pickup truck will attract lots of attention.
• Pickup trucks can also turn you into a local hero when the occasion arises and help you to gain Good Samaritan points. What could be more perfect to help out a neighbor who has got stuck in the snow? You can also haul around saplings for the local community projects, jungle gyms to the park for the local kids to enjoy or anything else which is heavy, large, dirty or all three in the community. When you have a truck you quickly become the “go to guy” – okay, it’s not always fun but it usually results in something like a six-pack which makes it worth the effort.


These are just a few good reasons why it pays to drive a pickup truck and when you think about it, there’s little wonder that they are so popular.