1990 Acura Integra – Built On Pride


It’s been over 20 years since the introduction of Acura’s 2nd generation Integra, and even though it was a wildly popular platform to modify during its era, you simply don’t see lots of well-maintained versions any more. The same as the CRX and 4th gen Civic, which helped spark the Honda movement in the beginning, the years have unabashedly taken their toll and the result is far more weathered and neglected examples on the streets these days. Fortunately there is a band of enthusiasts committed to preserving and improving these early ’90s icons that undoubtedly played a serious role inside the very community you’re included in today. One of those particular hard-core enthusiasts is Dustin McQueary, owner and builderIn order to buy this Integra, while Dustin was still attending senior high school, he asked his grandparents for a loan. I loved the way it looked and it was fun to drive. Already lowered and armed with a B20 heart, the Integra was more than enough to maintain the student smiling on his drive to and from school, although he adds, I didn’t know much about Hondas. That smile faded away rather quickly as he was directed to the California State Referee, a trip that meant the two.0L would need to be removed to make room for an original LS engine. The swap isn’t a significant ordeal and Dustin wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, but what happened next not only put a stop to his engine transplant procedure, it almost put a stop to Dustin. He recalls, Throughout the swap I came down with a severe illness along with my brush with death. During my hospital stay, my brother and dad labored on the car for me personally so when I recovered, I could possibly drive it. Eventually he made a complete recovery and was out of the right and hospital back into the garage to complete the swap that his family had helped out with. While wrenching on his Integra and gaining some practical experience, Dustin got the itch to complete more to his car. And while he admits that building a car on a high school graduation student’s budget wasn’t easy, the focus toward the project was a key element in keeping him out from typical teenage trouble. I got more serious with building it and got a set of Enkei RPF1s and stripped out of the rearend of the car. I used my welding skills to fab an X-bar and lower tie bar. I accumulated more mods through the years including building the suspension and mild motor mods.

Dustin found his way to the track for a little bit of road racing, as the DA continued to develop. Also taxing as his LS engine committed suicide during the session at Willow Springs, although the thrill of hot weekend and laps fun was addictive. Down but not out, a complete ’96 spec ITR engine and transmission was installed and purchasedbeing a teen, then going through an existence threatening illness, learning about the car first hand, and eventually burning with an engine in the track, Dustin felt a sentimental bond with the car and chosen to retire from track days and essentially start once again with the project. He adds, I tore it down, re-shaved the bay, and made my very own engine harness. I polished mytransmission and header, fuel rail, master cylinder, plus some other pieces by hand. Happy with the progress of the engine bay appearance, the car was sent off and away to Revolution Autobody in Vallejo for a fresh coat of your factory Jasper hue. The downtime wasn’t wasted; Dustin refurbished numerous his old parts, sent his Sprinthart’s off to powdercoating, sourced a completely new set of wheel stickers and ordered a variety of new parts in anticipation of the cars return. Got the car back from paint and spent no time putting her back together again with all new OEM Honda parts. The vehicle was almost done when my brother’s friend’s daughter put an excellent-sized dent in the front driver fender from my jack handle. Back to Revolution it went and Dustin grew restless, due to the fact that he had planned to attend the legendary Nisei Showoff event and meet up with the photographer to shoot his magazine feature. He adds, after many late nights plus some all-nighters, I got the car all buttoned approximately make its showing. It had been one of the biggest payoffs I’ve ever endured, seeing a thing that I put my heart into drive down the road all finished. The car has truly tested my patience and has been one thing in my life that I’m so proud of.